Gallery Space in London

Gallery space in London is plentiful as there is no shortage of venues to see art in London. There are many galleries in London, however, not all galleries are purpose built white cubes or are located in central locations.

gallery space London

People who run galleries like artists are creative people and budding entrepreneurs as a majority of them are artists and if they see any vacant shop or empty office or any basement which is not in use they will more than likely take over the place and use it a space to host events and art exhibitions.

Such spaces can be located on off the beaten track, hidden from view and at times are quite temporary. Gallery space in London is essential as it is occupied and used as a venue where artists can showcase art that will not be seen anywhere else.

The gallery space has been converted into a stunning event location. The space has unique and contrasting areas which can be hired as a whole making the space perfect for product launches and press days.

The gallery space in London has a total area of two floors of adaptable, white-walled gallery space that is adjacent to courtyard and café for hire by artists, community groups as well as creative crafts people. The gallery space is located at a prime area which doubles up as a lively shopping street in Hither Green, South London that attracts buyers by providing a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.

Our gallery space is open to promotion for artists and artisans. Artists, jewelry and creative producers are welcome to exhibit both on our website and in our homely yet lovely gallery in SE13, South London.  We are unique art lovers who offer a combination or rare but affordable gallery space and expert promotion which is aimed at helping you sell your art work and create brand awareness.

Our gallery space is ideal to have your work seen by buyers, collectors and also by talent scouts!

At the gallery space, we trail our efforts in helping you the artists develop a directed publicity campaign one that meets your budget, by using the modern social online and offline marketing tools which see your brand getting the appropriate advertisement and promoted through your exhibition and into the future.

On the other hand, as an art lover, we welcome you to the gallery space where you will sample art like you have never sampled before. We host artists and artisans who have collections and art that is to die for. Visit our website or come in person and have an artistic experience like you have never had before!